3000 Tons Forging Furnace

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      Reheating Firnace,After cooling, the slab or blank must be reheated and “softened” for the next molding operation (such as rolling, forging, or extrusion), and the method is rise the temperature to 1600 ° F to 2500 ° F. The process is carried out in a reheating furnace, which is a steel structure protected by the internal refractory. There are many different reheating furnace designs, including the most common and comprehensive types:walking-beamfurnace, walking-beam hearth, rotar...

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      Product features: 1. Gas furnace temperature uniform, uniform heat workpiece; 2. Large loading capacity and high productivity of gas furnace; 3.Good insulation performance of gas furnace body, energy saving and production cost reduction; 4. Gas furnace filling royal material convenient, good operating conditions; 5. The gas furnace is equipped with interlocking protection device to prevent faults and accidents caused by misoperation; 6. No pollution, good environmental benefits. Structure in...