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Heat treatment furnace is divided into annealing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, normalizing furnace, tempering furnace, mainly used for annealing large carbon steel, alloy steel parts;Surface hardened parts tempering;Stress relief annealing, aging and other heat treatment processes.Heating methods include electric heating, oil burning, gas burning, hot air circulation.Annealing furnace is a new type of heat exchange equipment.The annealing furnace is an energy saving periodic type furnace with super energy saving structure, adopting fiber structure and saving 60% electricity.

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Annealing furnace includes: box annealing furnace, trolley annealing furnace, well annealing furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, hood annealing furnace, mobile annealing furnace, pit annealing furnace, ball annealing furnace, etc

The purpose of annealing is to heat the steel with microstructure deviating from the equilibrium state to the appropriate temperature, hold the steel for a certain period of time, and then cool it slowly (with furnace cooling) to obtain the heat treatment process of microstructure in the equilibrium state.


There are many kinds of annealing process of steel, which can be divided into two categories according to the heating temperature: one is annealing above the critical temperature (Ac1 or Ac3), also known as phase change recrystallization annealing, including complete annealing, incomplete annealing, spheroidization annealing and diffusion annealing (homogeneous annealing).The other is annealing below the critical temperature, including recrystallization annealing and stress removal annealing.According to the cooling mode, annealing can be divided into isothermal annealing and continuous cooling annealing.

1.Full annealing, isothermal annealing, full annealing and weighing crystallization annealing, generally referred to as annealing, which is the heating of steel or steel to 20~30℃ above Ac3, holding for a long enough time to make the structure completely austenitized after slow cooling, in order to obtain the heat treatment process of nearly balanced structure.This annealing is mainly used for casting and forging of various carbon and alloy steels with hypoeutectoid components, hot-rolled profiles, and sometimes for welding structures.It is usually used as the final heat treatment of some non-heavy parts or as the pre-heat treatment of some parts.

2.Spheroidization annealing is mainly used for eutectoid carbon steel and alloy tool steel (such as steel used in manufacturing cutting tools, measuring tools and molds).Its main purpose is to reduce the hardness, improve the machinability, and prepare for quenching.

3.De-stress annealing, also known as low-temperature annealing (or high-temperature tempering), is mainly used to eliminate residual stress in castings, forgings, welds, hot-rolled parts, cold-drawn parts, etc.If these stresses are not eliminated, they may cause deformation or cracks in the steel after a certain time or during subsequent machining.


Annealing furnace is a national standard energy saving periodic operation furnace, which is mainly used for heating heat treatment workshops of steel mills, special steel, mechanical processing, chemical machinery, heavy industry, metallurgical smelting, casting, forging, environmental protection equipment, machinery supporting enterprises, loaders, shipbuilding industry, military industry and other industries.

Main car type annealing furnace, pit type furnace type annealing furnace, box-type annealing furnace, such as bell type annealing furnace by high temperature furnace, temperature in the furnace, low temperature annealing furnace, high temperature furnace within 1200 ℃, the highest use temperature within 950 ℃ temperature in the furnace, low temperature tempering furnace at 650 ℃, respectively according to their respective product features, type furnace size, load order according to customer’s request.

The control adopts contactor, thyristor, solid state, module, electronic digital display, intelligent digital display, computer, PID, PLC, remote control, centralized control, programming control, recording the middle circle diagram, long circle diagram multi-point paper recorder, liquid crystal paperless recorder can also be used for recording.

Structure: the furnace body is made of aluminum silicate cast silk blanket, the bottom of the furnace is constructed with light insulation brick and heavy refractory brick, the heating elements are heated with resistance wire and resistance belt, the shell of the furnace body is made of steel plate and section steel, and the door and trolley are mechanically driven.Specific configuration design according to customer and furnace temperature requirements.

Heat treatment products: the products suitable for all kinds of mechanical parts annealing heat treatment, such as: stainless steel annealing, steel ingot, valves, flange ring, pressure vessels, welding parts, rolling stick, steel pipe, steel wire, steel ball, castings, forgings, cast iron, blade, high speed steel, tool steel, automobile axle, diesel engine, gearbox, mining machinery and other loader bridge arm annealing, tempering, is hot processing.

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