Gas Generator

  • Single Stage Gas Generator

    Single Stage Gas Generator

    Single stage gas generator Single sections of the gas generator Structure of single-stage gas generator Single sections of the struture of the gas stove There are many structural forms for fixed-bed gas furnaces, which are described as follows according to different parts: For fixed bed gas stove has a variety of structural form,according to the different parts were described as follows: Coal feeding device: intermittent coal charging hood, double material bell, vibration coal feeder, tooth c...

  • Two-Stage Gas Generator

    Two-Stage Gas Generator

    Two-stage gas generator Double sections of gas occurrence furnace Two-stage gas generator hot detarred gas station The process of the two-stage furnace hot de-tarring gas station: the upper gas enters the electrical filter, and its working temperature is between 90-150 °C. The tar droplets and dust in the gas are polarized and collected in the wall of the pole tube and flow to the tar tank. The lower part of the gas passes through the ash hopper, removes the dust of the large particles, and t...