What is the trolley type forging heating furnace-the characteristics of the trolley type forging heating furnace

Trolley-type forging heating furnace is mainly used for forging and heating products in metallurgy, machinery, die steel, flanges and other industries.

What is the trolley type forging heating furnace-the characteristics of the trolley type forging heating furnace


   Trolley-type forging heating furnace features:

   1. The combustion medium is heated by natural gas, with sufficient combustion, zero pollution, rapid heating, and the high operating temperature can reach 1300°C.

  2. The furnace lining adopts zirconia ceramic fiber module structure, the furnace lining has small heat storage, low heat dissipation and significant energy saving effect.

  3. The heating adopts a high-speed flat flame burner with uniform distribution on both sides. During the combustion process, the actuator continuously adjusts the amount of combustion, and adjusts the amount of combustion through the proportional valve. When the combustion reaches the air-fuel ratio, the lower limit of gas and air volume are set, and a control solenoid valve is set on the gas pipe of each burner. Each burner is equipped with an independent and complete combustion controller, automatic ignition, flame detection, fire extinguishing alarm, and automatic gas shutoff. Thereby ensuring the stability of the combustion temperature control system.

  4. Waste heat utilization: The high-temperature flue gas in the furnace is preheated to 350℃ in the air duct through a heat exchanger, and then sent back to the furnace, which greatly saves gas consumption and production costs.

5. The door of the gas heating furnace adopts a high-aluminum all-fiber refractory silk blanket and a combined frame structure of heat-resistant steel. The electric hoist is raised and lowered. The furnace door sealing mechanism adopts a long lever spring type automatic compression cam mechanism (electric cylinder compression device is optional) And soft side sealing device). Ensure that there is no friction up and down, freely)

  6. ​​The refractory masonry of the trolley is a high-aluminum shaped brick structure, which has good sealing performance with the furnace body, poor compressive strength, and fine workmanship. There are horns on the surface of the trolley for stacking workpieces. The frame of the trolley is made of heat-resistant steel to ensure that the body is not deformed, deformed, or deformed. The automatic pressing structure of the electric push rod (or cylinder) is the sealing block of the furnace body and the furnace lining, and the side and sealing opening and closing are connected with the furnace car in and out.

  7. Control system: adopt PLC intelligent control or computer automatic control.

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