Single Regenerative Heating Furnace

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National standard energy-saving periodic operating furnace, super energy-saving structure, composite fiber insulation, ultra-lightweight and high-strength micro-bead vacuum ball energy-saving bricks, production of anti-dropping and upward oblique 20° silk-retaining bricks, furnace mouth anti-workpiece impact bricks, automatic The sealed trolley and the furnace door are integrated and connected to the rail. No foundation installation is required. It can be used on a level ground.

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The working principle of single regenerative heating furnace:

Using blast furnace gas as fuel, the calorific value of gas is 800 kcal/m3, and the calorific value of gas is low. Therefore, it adopts air and gas double regenerative burners, equipped with a complete heating furnace parameter detection and control system, and a single regenerative heating furnace detects and controls various thermal parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate of the heating furnace, and has display And record.

The single regenerative heating furnace and vaporization cooling are respectively equipped with instrument panels, and the control system adopts DCS automatic control. The regenerative body can be ceramic honeycomb or ceramic pellets. After actual use, a single regenerative heating furnace can meet the requirements. Ceramic honeycombs or ceramic pellets have different properties and advantages and disadvantages.

The action of the commutation system is controlled by PLC. The main functions of the reversing control system are: timing reversing, constant temperature reversing, manual reversing, over-temperature alarm, abnormal action alarm, and quick-cut valve abnormal alarm. The reversing valve can adopt two-position four-way, two-position three-way, rotary reversing valve and small two-position two-way valve.

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