Single Stage Gas Generator

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The heat gas technological process of one-stage gas generator is as follows: the air from the blower is mixed with the steam produced by the furnace body at 0.294mpa to form saturated air as gasifier, which enters the gas furnace through the bottom of the gas furnace through the check valve;After crushing and screening, the lump coal with the particle size of 25-50mm or 50-100mm is added into the gas furnace by the coal lifting device and the coal adding device.The gas produced in the gas furnace is transferred to the user through the gas pipe after being dedusted by gravity dust remover and cyclone dust remover.

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Single stage gas generator

Single sections of the gas generator

Structure of single-stage gas generator

Single sections of the struture of the gas stove

There are many structural forms for fixed-bed gas furnaces, which are described as follows according to different parts:

For fixed bed gas stove has a variety of structural form,according to the different parts were described as follows:

Coal feeding device: intermittent coal charging hood, double material bell, vibration coal feeder, tooth coal feeder.

Feeding device:intermittent coal hood and double bell,vibration coal feeder,dial the tooth coal feeder.

Furnace structure: waterless sleeve, semi-water jacket, (refractory lining), atmospheric full water jacket.

Stove onion: Pagoda type, cast steel structure.

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