Trolley Type Heat Treatment Furnace

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Car type heating furnace is widely uesd in mechanical processing,forging,metallurgy,building materials and other industries,has a stable performance,convenient operation,heating up fast,energy conservation,etc.

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Trolley regenerative heater:
Regenerative heating furnace is essentially a combination of efficient regenerative heat exchanger and conventional heating furnace, which is mainly composed of heating furnace body, regenerative chamber, reversing system, fuel, air supply and smoke exhaust system.Regenerator is the main body of waste heat recovery of regenerator flue gas.In a heating furnace, the regenerator is always used in pairs, one stove can use a pair, can use several pairs, even dozens of pairs.On domestic a few large reheating furnace, use 40 pairs at most.The advantage of regenerative waste heat recovery is that the furnace temperature is more uniform, the heating quality is greatly improved, and the qualified rate of the product is greatly improved.The fuel selection range is more suitable for light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other fuels, especially for the low calorific value of blast furnace gas, generator gas has a good role in preheating combustion, expanding the application range of fuel.As a result, furnace fuel consumption is greatly reduced.For the general large heating furnace, can save energy 25% ~ 30%;For heat treatment furnace, energy saving can be 30% ~ 65%.Traditional energy-saving technology is adopted to reduce NOX production. The higher the preheating temperature of combustion air, the higher the NOX content in flue gas.By using regenerative high temperature air combustion technology, NOX production in the furnace is greatly reduced when the preheating temperature of combustion air is as high as 800℃.Since regenerative combustion is diffuse combustion in a relatively low oxygen state with no flame center, there is no condition to generate a large amount of NOx.Low NOx content in flue gas is beneficial to environmental protection.Oxidation burning of metal another advantage of low-oxygen combustion is that it can reduce the oxidation burning of heated metal.In addition, regenerative combustion can also improve the flame radiation intensity, enhance radiation heat transfer, improve furnace output.


The characteristics:
Car type heating furnace is widely uesd in mechanical processing,forging,metallurgy,building materials and other industries,has a stable performance,convenient operation,heating up fast,energy conservation,etc.

Car type heating furnace technology parameters:
Application:all kinds of billet heating before satin
The bottom area:5-50m squared
Heating temperature:1250-1350℃
Fuel types:oil,heat dirty gas,natural gas
Car transmission forms:pin gear transmission,chain transmission,hoist
Control mode:manual control,automatic control


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