After-sales service support

Our company is an ISO9001 international quality system certification enterprise, the implementation of “service control procedures”. We insist on “quality first, customer first, service first, reputation first” and provide you with comprehensive and multi-level quality services.


 We will introduce the technical performance, usage and delivery capability of the products and help you choose the right products.


1. Set up a project leader, specifically responsible for the technical delivery of products, to meet the special requirements of users. Provide all technical information and drawings specified in the contract to the demand side in time. Invite the demand side to participate in technical design review when necessary.

2. The production department has dedicated personnel to track and monitor the whole process of the products you need, from design and production to production and processing to acceptance and delivery, each link has strict control means and effective control measures. 

3. Guarantee the quality and delivery on time.


1. Establish user service files to provide you with the whole process of service.

2. Demonstrate product operation on site, explain the essentials of product use, teach maintenance knowledge, and train operators for free.

3. Free guidance on installation and commissioning, technical service on site at the time requested by the demand side, guidance on installation and commissioning according to the technical data and drawing requirements of the supply side and cooperate with the user for the whole set of trial operation and trial production. For the demand side to purchase the supporting equipment related to the contract equipment, our company will take the initiative to provide technical conditions and information to meet the requirements of the equipment interface.

4. We will respond to the quality problems feedback from users within 24 hours and provide remote video guidance support, and can also arrange door-to-door problem solving.

5. Establish and adhere to the user satisfaction from time to time survey system, to understand your comments and requirements in a timely manner, the needs of users as the basis for our work improvement.

6. Our product quality three packages, the quality of the components damaged during the warranty period due to quality problems I will replace free of charge; is damaged by the user I will promptly replace only the cost; damage outside the warranty period I will promptly replace and only charge the cost.

7. Once a year to return to the user.

8. During the warranty period, if your company finds equipment quality problems, we will give a reply within 2 hours after receiving your company’s correspondence, and send our staff to your company’s site as fast as possible to repair and resume production first, then our company and your company will determine with the relevant experts to distinguish the responsibility, and if it is really a quality problem, all the costs incurred in the process will be borne by us.

Please believe that your needs are our needs, your satisfaction is our constant pursuit, we will dedicate our enthusiasm and sincerity to you with fast, efficient and high-quality service.

The spirit of Yino furnace: quality for survival, management for efficiency, reputation for market, service for development


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