The Main Processing And Testing Capabilities

Since 1995, with the increasing expansion of the scale of the economic scope, the factory has invested in a number of advanced mechanical processing equipment and quality testing equipment (see Table I and Table II), which fundamentally ensures the inherent quality of our products. Reduced the quality production costs. Further improve the market competitiveness of the product.

Table I, the main processing (production) equipment list

Equipment nameModelQuantity
Machining centerNC800лMф41
CNC latheCK6150B-S1
CNC latheS1-3631
Milling machine1370X3302
Grinding machineM10401
Rocker DrillZ3035×131
Rocker DrillZ3050×162
Combined punching and shearing machineQ21-531
Shearing machineQ12Y-12-2500C1
Plasma cutting machineKLG-60-V-20MM2
Plasma cutting machineKLG-100-V-38MM4
Argon arc welding machineWSM-1604
Bending machine12*25001
Air compressorVV-0.84
Gas welding machineKE-5004
Electric welding machine13X3-300XT-401
Cross welder3X31
Swing arm machineZN3050X161
Plate coiler3mm1
Plate coiler6mm1
Hydraulic shearing machineQC12Y-8/32001
Plate bending machineDE6JY-160/32001

Table II, the main testing equipment (instruments) list

Equipment nameModelQuantity
Universal tool microscopeJLS-31
Universal length measuring instrumentJD51
Involute inspectorVG4501
Level meter checker101A1
Material experiment machineWI1
Hardness meterHR1501
Hardness meterHB-30001
Ultrasonic Deep Thickness Gauge 1
Ultrasonic flaw detector 1
Magnetic particle flaw detectorCJE-220P2


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